Saturday, January 10, 2009

Poem: The News (El-Khabr)

The News
by L. Hashim

I should have known by the sudden onslaught of love letters and poems
they were not a manifestation of love
rather a sad attempt at redemption for an undeclared assault

an assault that neither did I see coming nor knew when it had hit
the aim could not have been more direct
in one blow destroying the infrastructure of my life

the timing could not have been more perfect, my love
as I watched Gaza burn in agony
my past obliterated by mortar rounds

you brought your own rounds of mortar and finished the attack
upon my very soul they fell
do I know where Gaza ends and I begin?

Oh cruelest of cruel – is it you or them – or are you the same?
do I know how I feel or how to feel?
my eyes and heart are empty now

do you know your part in this scheme or are you truly so dense?
there is no difference between heart and home
Gaza and I are the same

© 2009 Lamyaa Hashim

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