Monday, January 19, 2009

Poem: For Maha

For Maha 19 January 2009

You, from Gaza should have known better
As your homes were destroyed and you cried
Before doing something no better
As you destroyed a home and you lied

You are no better than they are
As a once happy family’s no more
A destroyed family’s the same world over
But this one, YOU breached the door

Deer El-Balah sent a cunning girl
To steal my family away
From the string she pulled just one pearl
And the whole thing was rendered astray

They say what goes around comes around
And I fear for you for that day
When what you did to me comes to town
And you feel your life slipping away

You said my opinion mattered
If I objected then you’d go away
Instead you left my life shattered
As you rushed to your wedding day

Let this poem always remind you
Of the cunning lies you two told
May the damage you did always haunt you
As the two of you grow to be old.

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